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The 5S Challenge Game

The 5S Challenge Game

The price of this game is €302.50 (exc. VAT)

The 5S Challenge Game

This is a hands on simulation which is ideal for use as a practical business training game for participants to understand and apply the principles of 5S. The game has successfully been used in both service and manufacturing environments.

We are also able to offer the game in a 5C and 6S versions.

The principle of the game is based around a “puzzle” involving the assembly of a set of 10 mm thick aluminium parts to form the letters 5 and S. The complete 5S game consists of two separate boxes of parts.

Organised box – This box is presented in an organised layout with each part contained in foam cut outs, this box also includes colour step by step assembly instructions.

Dis-organised box – This box of parts is not well organised, all the parts needed are jumbled up with non-conforming parts and un-necessary items. In addition the assembly instructions with this box are vague.

The game is run over several rounds.

In the first round two teams of two people are selected from the trainees. Each team is given one of the boxes. The teams start the task together and are timed. The team with the organised box of parts will typically complete the task within 2-4 minutes; however the team with the dis-organised box of parts will take much longer and in some cases decide that the task is impossible!

Following a review of this activity the whole group are facilitated in applying the principles of 5S to the dis-organised box. Sorting out the components (including red tagging), setting locations, agreeing standards and future audits etc. Once the participants have completed their 5S activity the teams are re-timed to complete the assembly task using both boxes in a head to head challenge. This time however, the team with the box which has been "5S'd" during the training workshop will almost certainly complete assembly much quicker than the team with the organised foam cut out box thus highlighting the benefits of improved workplace organisation, ownership and continuous improvement.

The 5S challenge game can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 3 hours to run, allowing for discussion, depending on the depth of learning required.

The 5S challenge game comes with full step by step instructions, some red tags, and a stopwatch and can be run time and time again. If you are working with larger groups, additional dis-organised boxes are available at £95 + vat. The standard game is ideal for demonstration or training with a group and is normally run with 4 participants, with up to 20 observers. However if you would like all trainees to experience the hands on activity we would recommend one additional disorganised box for every 3 trainees.

The price of this game is €302.50 (exc. VAT)

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