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The 6S Challenge Game

The 6S Challenge Game

The price of this game is £230.00 (exc. VAT)

The 6S Challenge Game

An extended version of the 5S challenge incorporating the sixth "S" of safety, thus reviewing every action in each area to ensure that  any potential hazards are not overlooked.

Objective of the simulation:

1. To demonstrate the key steps of the 6S methodology

2. To demonstrate the benefits of using visual management in the workplace

3. To demonstrate the efficiency gains associated with an organised workplace

4. To demonstrate the use of measurement in the improvement process.

5. To demonstrate implementing improvements through a teamwork approach.

 2. Duration: 

Approximately 45 minutes should be allowed to run the simulation and allow for discussion.

 3. Equipment: 

  • The organised parts kit, containing visual instructions and only the necessary components required to build the “6” and “S” products within a foam cut out.

  • The disorganised parts kit, containing basic instructions and a quantity of additional other unnecessary stuff amongst the components required to build the “6” and “S” products.

  • A selection of red tags

  • Stop watch to carry out timing

We can also offer additional disorganised boxes for £95 each ex VAT 


The price of this game is £230.00 (exc. VAT)

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