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Lean Office Game

Lean Office Game

The price of this game is €418.75 (exc. VAT)

The Lean Office game

This business training game is an experiential learning simulation based around processing customer orders for computer equipment. Participants in the Lean Office game are asked to take on various roles. The game includes sales, customer liaison, finance, transport/logistics, operations, warehouse and supervision. The objective of the game is to highlight typical inefficiencies that are found in modern office work environments and demonstrate how simple changes can be implemented to improve effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The participants are challenged to correctly complete data on invoices and order acknowledgement forms. The game aims to cover the following key areas:

  1. Multiple signatures in getting purchase/order no's

  2. Batch & queue of information

  3. Personal filing systems

  4. Multiple sign-off's and delays they cause

  5. Reports that nobody reads

  6. Poor office layout and excessive walking

  7. Unpredictable lead-times

  8. Out of date reports

  9. Lost data and sales opportunities

  10. Data input errors

  11. Lack of skills and training

  12. Artificial demand and rework

  13. Waste of customers time

  14. Delivering what the customer does not want

  15. Wrong/misaligned targets

The Lean Office game takes about 3 hours to run and following a first round, the existing process is mapped and improvements agreed and developed by the team before re-running the game with the new improved processes.

The price of this game is €418.75 (exc. VAT)

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