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Plug Game Simulation

Plug Game Simulation

The price of this game is £345.00 (exc. VAT)

The Plug Game 

The Plug Game is a manufacturing simulation based on assembling 3 pin plugs, it is ideal for business process improvement training to demonstrate the following concepts:

- Layout

- Push/pull

- One piece flow

- Kanban

- Work balance

- Benefits of training

Our lean simulations are complete, ready to run games containing:

- Dismantled plugs, screwdrivers for assembly, stopwatches for timing

- Instruction booklet and USB memory stick with PowerPoint standard operating procedures and Excel measurement table

- Standard operating procedures with colour photos

- Objectives

Number of participants:

- Each lean manufacturing simulation can be run with 6 to 12 people

- Additional people can be observers

Running the Plug Game

- This is normally run over 4 rounds of 10 minutes with discussion on learning and improvements made between each round The whole game normally takes 2 -3 hours to complete Each lean simulation can be used many times over

The price of this game is £345.00 (exc. VAT)

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