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Six Sigma Game

Six Sigma Game

The price of this game is £325.00 (exc. VAT)

The Catapult Six Sigma game

This is an ideal practical training simulation to demonstrate the application of problem solving techniques such as fishbone diagrams, brainstorming and six sigma / DOE. It is used as the basis of exercises to understand the process, control variation and deliver improved performance.

The catapult is designed to "shoot" a lightweight ping pong size ball at a target which is typically placed 3 - 4 metres (10 - 14 feet) away. There are a number of settings and variables designed into the catapult which need to be understood and controlled to make each shot repeatable and accurate.

The catapult game can take between 1 hour and 8 hours to run depending on the depth of learning required.

The game is normally run with a small team of between 4 - 6 people. For larger groups further catapults can be used.

An instruction manual is included, which in summary covers:

  1. An introduction and overview of the catapult

  2. A range of experiments/ exercises that can be carried out

  3. Measurement systems

  4. Design of experiments

The catapult is supplied in its own easy to store and transport bag and contains:

  1. Transport/storage bag

  2. Catapult

  3. Tape measure

  4. Set of balls

  5. PDF Instructions

The price of this game is £325.00 (exc. VAT)

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