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Six Sigma Game

Six Sigma Game

The price of this game is $529.25

The Lean Six Sigma Catapult kit

This is an ideal practical training simulation to demonstrate the application of problem solving techniques such as fishbone diagrams, brainstorming and six sigma / DOE. It is used as the basis of exercises to understand the process, control variation and deliver improved performance.

The catapult is designed to "shoot" a lightweight ping pong size ball at a target which is typically placed 3 - 4 metres (10 - 14 feet) away. There are a number of settings and variables designed into the catapult which need to be understood and controlled to make each shot repeatable and accurate.

The catapult game can take between 1 hour and 8 hours to run depending on the depth of learning required.

The game is normally run with a small team of between 4 - 6 people. For larger groups further catapults can be used.

An instruction manual is included, which in summary covers:

  1. An introduction and overview of the catapult

  2. A range of experiments/ exercises that can be carried out

  3. Measurement systems

  4. Design of experiments  

  5. One trial version of DOE Wisdom software

The catapult is supplied in its own easy to store and transport bag and contains:

  1. Transport/storage bag

  2. Catapult

  3. Tape measure

  4. Set of balls - four different types.

  5. 3 different elastics bands

  6.  Instructions

Endorsed by The International Lean Six Sigma Institute

The price of this game is $529.25

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