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SMED Lean Simulation

SMED Lean Simulation

The price of this game is $1,510.90

The SMED Lean Simulation Kit

Based on a simulated machine it can be used to teach Lean manufacturing across a wide range of industries for example, CNC machining, packaging, food, plastics, electronics, printing, etc. The machine simulates mechanical, pneumatic, colour and software alterations and also the manufacture of a "first off" with quality inspection. The aim of the training is to demonstrate the principles of SMED and allow the trainees to practice the SMED methodology on this simulation before starting actual implementation on their own equipment.

Normally the game involves 2 volunteers who changeover the machine using the standard procedure supplied and a little guidance from the facilitator. It would be quite possible for up to 20 other people to observe the changeover, although normally we would expect a group of between 6 and 12 participants. All the participants then work through each of the steps of SMED, applying them to the original procedure, this is normally done in smaller sub groups of 2 or 3 people. The SMED training simulation normally takes half a day to run.

Each kit is supplied in its own easy to store and transport bag and contains the following:

- The simulation machine (approximate dimensions (500mm x 500mm)

- Instructions on how to run the simulation

- Required changeparts

-All necessary spanners/tools

- Standard quality samples

- USB cable to simulate software download - it is assumed you would use your own laptop to demonstrate this with the trainees

- Standard operating procedure for the traditional changeover

-Suggested ideas to achieve a single minutes changeover and some additional parts to demonstrate the practice

- Stop watch to carry out the timing

The price of this game is $1,510.90

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