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Torch Game Simulation

Torch Game Simulation

The price of this game is £412.50 (exc. VAT)

The Torch Game 

The Torch Game is a manufacturing simulation based around assembling torches, with larger components it requires less dexterity than the plug game. A number of components have been modified to cause defects during assembly, therefore the simulation is ideal for reinforcing the importance of quality improvement. In addition to the concepts demonstrated by the plug game we recommend the torch game for the following:

- Quality filter mapping

- Recording data

- Understanding customer requirements

- Pareto analysis

Our lean simulations are complete, ready to run games containing:

- Dismantled torches in two colours, some faulted, AA batteries and stopwatches

- Instruction booklet and USB memory stick with PowerPoint standard operating procedures and Excel measurement table

- Standard operating procedures with colour photos

- Objectives

Number of participants

- Each lean simulation can be run with 6 to 12 people

- Additional people can be observers

Running the Torch Game

- This is normally run over 4 rounds of 10 minutes with discussion on learning and improvements made between each round

- The whole game normally takes 2 -3 hours to complete

- Each lean simulation can be used many times over

The price of this game is £412.50 (exc. VAT)

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